Small groups are groups of 8-10 people meeting regularly, helping each other live life well, and becoming friends in a safe environment.  We find support, encouragement, and accountability as we follow Jesus together.  This is the heart of Real Life Grangeville. 

We encourage everyone, Christian or not, to be in a Small group.  Small groups intentionally care for those in the group and also reach out to those who are not yet connected. 

We believe that small groups are the model for how the church is to function in relationship with God and each other, according to Acts 2:42–47 and Hebrews 10:25

Small groups become Jesus’ model for discipleship by

  • Developing meaningful relationships
  • Growing in faith and the personal application of God’s Word
  • Shepherding people and ministering to their needs
  • Holding each other accountable to the work and grace of God in our lives

Jesus modeled for us the importance of a small group when He met with the twelve disciples. Small groups are an essential part of Christian growth. People will be best brought to wholeness and maturity within an atmosphere of honest and open relationships. This occurs most effectively when men and women commit to meeting weekly with each other in their homes.

For more information or to find a group, please contact us.