At Real Life, we know we will never lock eyes with anyone Jesus didn’t die for.  This makes every person highly valuable! 

We also know that some times it’s just hard to get to church. 

Our desire is that every person who walks through the door is greeted warmly, loved, and provided everything needed for their time here to be a great experience. 

The hospitality team takes it as their personal mission to make this happen.  When the time comes that you walk out the door, we want you to feel like you were genuinely cared for while you were here, and know you have a connection through the week as well. 

The Hospitality Team is a great place to serve for those who love to welcome people and make great experiences.  Greeters, Ushers, and Coffee Brewers (yes, coffee is important!) are some of the areas you can work in to make the Sunday morning experience great. 

For more info on this team, contact Mark Perry