Real Life Grangeville’s children’s ministry exists to reach the world for Jesus, one child at a time, by making Biblical disciples in relational environments. 

As a parent, you will have approximately 3000 hours with your child in the next year. If you attend church regularly and allow us to hang out with your child, Real Life will have approximately 40 hours with him or her. We believe we can combine our efforts and potentially make a greater impact and have a greater influence in the lives of your kids than if we worked separately.

We desire for every leader, every volunteer, and every parent to be working on the same page, working toward the same end, and believing our mission is connected to how we incite wonder, provoke discovery, and fuel passion in the heart of every child.

Working with kids is more than an obligation; it’s more than babysitting. We are helping lives be changed − deepening their relationship with God and their understanding of who Jesus is.

Lifer Kids meets during the worship service.  We have secure check-in and release procedures and all our volunteers are background checked.  Our friendly staff and volunteers will love to take care of your kids!

This is also a great area for those with hearts for kids and discipleship to serve.  If you love to snuggle with a baby, help a kid see how much God loves him, have admininistrative or computer skills, or love to connect with parents and families, this could be the place for you.